Vaucluse House

Vaucluse House
Vaucluse House of Sydney is one of the most beautiful mansions present in the city of Sydney. This mansion was the house of one of the most popular personality of Australia. This house belonged to the Father of the Australian Constitution, William Charles Wentworth. He along with his family resided in this mansion from 1827 till 1862.
This house is located alongside the harbour and is probably the only existing 19th century harbour side house present in the whole of Sydney. This house was built in the year 1803. The house has been designed according to the Gothic Revival Style of Architecture and apart from the house the estate also consists of 10 hectares of garden land along with stables, kitchen wing etc. The house has three floors and in total consists of 16 rooms.

There are guided tours which are permitted for the Vaucluse House. These tours are available for small groups of tourists and visitors. The Vaucluse House has tearooms as well. These are ideally suitable for tea as well as for lunch.

The Vaucluse House is supervised by a Trust known as the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales. The significance of the Vaucluse House lies in the fact that it portrays the outlook and mode of living of those times. The house still has most of the original settings. The Vaucluse House is open for public viewing and visitors can visit this place as their own convenience to have a look at this extra-ordinary historical building. The Vaucluse House also has a small gift shop inside the estate.
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