Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo in Sydney is the most popular Zoo in the whole of Australia. It's a wonderful place. It looks out on the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Cove. This zoo was inaugurated on 7th October 1916. It has over 2600 individual animals in the Zoo. However, the total numbers of animals are around 26,000.
The collection of the zoo includes emu, wombat, echidna etc. these are native Australian animals which are present in the zoo along with elephants, crocodile, zebra etc. The zoo can be reached by different means: it can be done so by car, by ferry and by bus. The opening hours of the zoo are from 9.00 am in the morning till 5.00 pm in the evening.

The zoo is situated in a perfect location. It is located on an elevated platform and hence exploring the zoo from the top is the best option that is available. Visitors can start exploring the zoo from the top elevated position. There are regions in the zoo where the animals roam around freely and the visitors can actually stand very close to them. After climbing down the hill the visitors can go up once again via the sky safari and then after that the visitors can once again go up and take a different route once again and climb down. This downward climb is really fascinating and adventurous and is filled with surprises. The other animals which are present in the Zoo are the red pandas, meerkats, the gorillas etc. There are approximately 340 species of animals found in the Taronga Zoo.

There are packages which are available as well. These packages include everything starting from the entry to the zoo till the bus fee or the sky safari. The total area of the zoo is around 287 hectares and has lots of outdoor exhibits and indoor pavilions. Some of the exhibits that are present there are the Tahr Mountain, the Tiger Pits, the Floral Clock, the Giraffe House etc. The Taronga Zoo has breeding program collaborations with Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo as well. The volunteer work and fund raising work is for both the Zoo's is done by an organization known as Zoo Friends. The members of this organization also get free entry to the zoo. There are eight different zoogeographic regions in the Taronga Zoo in Sydney as well.
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