Sydney International Aquatic Centre

Sydney International Aquatic Centre
This beautiful venue of swimming was originally opened in the year 1994 and almost seven million visitors have come and enjoyed their time in the Sydney International Aquatic Centre. The designer of this pool was Cox Richardson Architects and Planners. The site of the construction was at Homebush Bay.
There is a competition pool of almost 50m x 25m and has an underwater window. The diving pool also has an underwater window and the training pool has a floor that is adjustable. One of the best parts of the Sydney International Aquatic Centre is the leisure pool that comprises of attractive water slides along with gyms. It has well constructed four swimming pools along with various facilities for vendors, officials, competitors, sponsors and special guests. The roof of the pool is beautifully formed in the shape of a steel lattice structure and then it curves into the shape of an arch.

An exclusive ventilation system was developed by the architects and proper drainage system was also constructed. The Athletic Centre was provided with embankments that gave an excellent look to it. The purity of the water of the pool was ensured by the process of treatment with ozone and ultra-violet.

The centre of the Sydney International Aquatic Centre was constructed for hosting Olympic Games. It has an accommodation of almost 4400 seats which would be increased to 12500 seats during the Olympic Games. But the viewers would not face any difficulty to watch the pools as well as the scoreboards during the games.
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