Sawmillers Reserve

Sawmillers Reserve
Sawmillers Reserve is a beautiful place located on the Sydney Harbour. This reserve is highly popular amongst the tourists and visitors of Sydney. This place is ideally suitable for picnics as well. The Sawmillers Reserve is calm and quiet and is away from the noise of the crowded city life.
This reserve is ideal for people who wants to seek peace of mind and also would like to enjoy the calmness of nature. The Sawmillers Reserve is open 24 hours and one can visit this place at any given point of time.

The Sawmillers Reserve was designed by Harry Howard along with Barbara Buchanan. The view of the harbour and the other skylines of the city are fascinating and breathtaking from the Sawmillers Reserve. However, surprisingly most of the locals of this place do not have much idea about this amazing reserve though. There is provision for children's as well with a treehouse in a playground as well. This treehouse is located in the center of the playground. There is a wood play area as well.

The Sawmillers Reserve also has boathouses and together along with the vegetation and the splendid view of the Balmain, the beauty of this place enhances. This place is visited by loads of tourists every year and its popularity is ever increasing.
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