Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum
The Australian National Museum at Sydney is one of the most interesting cultural centers of Australia. Established in 1991, the museum is a venture of the Australian government, who sought to preserve the brilliant maritime feats of the country to reinstate the close tie which Australia had always had with water.
The museum has set up near the Darling Harbor to narrate the island’s journey right from its discovery and colonization, to its present maritime activities.

The visitors here can trace a story that begins with an indigenous community which thrived chiefly on trading fish to a nation whose submarines made daring contributions to the First World War. The exhibitions and programs undertaken by the museum all seek to highlight and cherish the continuing nautical tradition of Australia.

The Museum’s Collection: The Australian National Maritime Museum houses a huge collection of artifacts that have mounted with regular exchange of items from other museums of the commonwealth government. The museum today boasts of more than 50,000 archive items centering on areas like-

- Exploration and European settlement in Australia
- Maritime technology
- Maritime archaeology
- Australian naval history
- Life of the convicts, migrants and refugees in the country
- Growth of maritime trade
- Australia’s success in water sports

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